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Like the way Interior Design Photos look?

Get the same look in your home with these easy tips:

Living Room:

– Hide the piles of magazines (and Christmas catalogs with post-its!) by putting them in a box and setting it on your bookshelf.

– Place them on a pretty tray, with a magazine on top that is neutral or has the same colors as your room. Or nix them all together for a simple floral arrangement or plant

– Cover your books with a neutral color-or a color that coordinates with your space. Don’t have time for that? only stage the color coordinating books, and turn the mismatched ones the other way so their spines are hidden and the white page side shows.

– Purchase furniture that hides the ugly stuff. Storage coffee tables, ottomans and accent chests hide these things beautifully.


– Tired of your accent pillows? Pillow covers in coordinating colors is an inexpensive way to spruce things up and give a designer-cohesive look.

– Hide unsightly cords by drilling a hole in the very back of your nightstands and running the cord through so your devices stay charging – hidden inside the drawer for a clean look.


– Corral all of your utensils into a pretty container that sits on the counter top. *Designer tip- only use what coordinates, hide what doesn’t

– Remove unnecessary items like mixers, etc that are not everyday items.


– Put clutter away and add a real plant to the counter tops. Orchids are a great look and are surprisingly low maintenance.

– Store things in clear jars. Use only items the same color or neutral colors. *Designer tip-Open packaged soaps and other items into glass jars.

Check out this bright white living room from www.playbuzz.com that shows storage boxes and plants


This room from www.Interior-design.us showcases not only a unique storage system that can stash toys, etc they simplified and de-personalized- a key for a sharp looking space.


Really wanting some more personal advice on getting that picture perfect look? Consider a customized E-Design plan!


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